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Torah Time Live: Summer Machaneh Series!

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From Parashat Sh'lach through Parashat Eikev, nine plays that cover the whole summer of Torah readings! Make the summer even more meaningful for Jewish teens. Buy the package and save off the individual price.

Forget the ‘smores and hikes and Color War: Summer Camp is about togetherness, right? But how do you bring together the JDS kids and the Hebrew school kids? How about the weekly Shabbat kids with the occasional Yom Kippur morning kids? You'll never know the mix of kids who’ll walk into your activity…and whether they’re in the mood to do anything but play sports for 5 hours.

We have what you need. “Torah Time Live!” parashah plays are fun, active programs guaranteed to get kids up and moving. They’re age-appropriate, they’re respectful of the Torah, and they teach useful middot lessons the kids will never forget. And by running the activity themselves, they soak up the material, building on their knowledge of Jewish tradition and garnering a deeper understanding of Jewish values.

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