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Make Torah stories fun with "Torah Time Live!"


Your Junior Cong will run itself with our Kikayon Siddur!


Fill Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur with meaning for teens.


Let the kids lead the Seder for a change.

"Torah Time Live!" parashah plays are for:

Hebrew School Classrooms

Some issues with Hebrew schools never seem to go away.  Administrators are constantly searching for dependable teachers with fun but appropriate activities that enable student retention while inspiring further engagement.  And nothing’s worse than a teacher’s sudden absence, a last-minute, well-meaning but unprepared sub, and an unruly class longing for entertainment. 
The “Torah Time Live!” parashah plays provide a fun and fully-realized program where students are entertaining themselves while focusing creative energies on their learning.  Best of all, they remember the stories, the characters, and the moral lessons, and use them in future discussions.  No preparation is needed:  just figure who plays which character and off they go!
Parashah Plays

The Kikayon Shabbat Siddur is for:

Hebrew School Classrooms

Yes, there are some wonderful siddurim out there geared toward grades 5+.  And while some do discuss various concepts behind the individual prayers, most are really geared towards teaching kids how to read Hebrew.  But how many age-appropriate siddurim really teach students how to lead the service themselves?
With the Kikayon Siddur, your classes will learn more than the text.  They’ll learn the structure of the Shabbat services, the choreography involved, as well as the delve into the deeper meanings of the t’fillot.  This is the age when most students want to be experiencing learning in a non-frontal method.  With discussion questions and creative activities they can use to enhance the prayers, the Kikayon Siddur to train them to lead services themselves, to mentor younger students, and to become leaders of tomorrow’s Jewish community. 
Coming 2017!
The Kikayon Siddur

The Kikayon Shabbat Machzor is for:

Hebrew School Classrooms

Just like our Kikayon Siddur, the Kikayon Machzor takes a creative approach to learning the High Holiday services.  Not only do students learn the various t’fillot specific to the holidays, they’ll get a greater understanding and respect for the services themselves and the holidays in general.  And they help discover the skills needed in running their own service. 
Coming Summer 2017
The Kikayon Machzor

The Kikayon Haggadah is for:

Hebrew School Classrooms

It happens every single year.  Your JDS or Hebrew school closes for “Spring vacation.” To the students’ ears, it’s a break, but to educators, it’s a deadline for teaching everything you can about Passover, especially the seder.  The seder is supposed to be for kids, aimed at them as a way to pass along our traditions and the story of the Exodus.  But how can you be sure they’ll continue those traditions at home?
The Kikayon Haggadah and Leader’s Guide is designed with your grades 5+ kids in mind.  Written in their voice, with fun activities and instructions for setting up and leading a seder, this haggadah builds on the traditional text and songs with skits that cover the Torah stories of Moses’ life and leaving Egypt.  Plus, there’s multiple packages of original parody songs available, using everything from nursery rhymes to Broadway songs to current pop music.  Like all Kikayon texts, this Haggadah, with optional guidebook for teachers and facilitators, is a plug-and-play program allowing the students themselves to take the reins on the programming.  The Kikayon Haggadah guarantees that your students will share and even help lead the seder at home and carry on the traditions for years to come.
Coming in 2018
The Kikayon Haggadah
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