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Make Torah stories fun with "Torah Time Live!"


Your Junior Cong will run itself with our Kikayon Siddur!


Let the kids lead the Seder for a change.

"Torah Time Live!" parashah plays are for:

Jewish Summer Camps

Forget the ‘smores and hikes and Color War:  Summer Camp is about togetherness, right?  But how do you bring together the JDS kids and the Hebrew school kids?  How about the weekly Shabbos kids with the possibly Yom Kippur morning kids?  You never know the mix of kids who’ll walk into your activity…and whether they’re in the mood to do anything but play sports for 5 hours.
We have what you need.  “Torah Time Live!” parashah plays are fun, active programs guaranteed to get kids up and moving.  They’re age-appropriate, they’re respectful of the Torah, and they teach useful middot lessons the kids will never forget.  And by running the activity themselves, they soak up the material, building on their knowledge of Jewish tradition and garnering a deeper understanding of Jewish values. 
Parashah Plays

The Kikayon Shabbat Siddur is for:

Jewish Summer Camps

Maybe you run a Jewish summer camp, maybe you’re the Judaism expert on staff, or maybe you’re a counselor looking for a fun way for your kids to express their Judaism.  Whichever you are, chances are you’re always on the lookout for a creative prayerbook that’ll inspire the kids, get them to participate, and even have fun activities along the way.  But what if you could have a Shabbat siddur that does all that AND teaches them to coordinate and lead the service as well?
The Kikayon Siddur is the best fit for the Jewish camp experience.  It not only demonstrates how to run a service, it also provides thoughtful questions for discussion, stories for dramatization, traditional songs and dances, and translations that are relatable and easy to understand.  Use the siddur to lead services, to create lessons, or just to learn about the nature of t’fillah and how we talk to G-d.  With the Kikayon Siddur, they’ll gain a greater respect for Torah, for Shabbat and synagogue services, and for the need to pass along this legacy to the next generation.
Coming 2017!
The Kikayon Siddur

The Kikayon Haggadah is for:

Jewish Summer Camps

Of course, Passover doesn’t land in the summertime.  If it did, we’d be eating BBQ for karpas!  But for those Jewish camps that want to teach the Exodus story, or the Jewish holiday cycle, or have a fun mock seder, the Kikayon Haggadah has everything you need.  With an optional guidebook for program facilitators, our haggadah is full of fun skits, songs, and creative activities.  But like all our products, this book helps teach ages 10+ how to lead their own seder!  They’ll learn how to set up, how to lead discussions, even how to get others to participate.  And through it all, they’ll gain a new respect for Pesach traditions, with memories that will last a lifetime.
Coming in 2018
The Kikayon Haggadah
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