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The Chanukah Seder: a new way to celebrate Chanukah.

​Performed before live paying audiences for 6 years in Washington, DC, the oft-lauded “Chanukah Seder” can be run in whole or in part within a larger program, may be used as a fundraiser or centerpiece of a gala event, and can include both rehearsed cast members and folks volunteering to read or even sing right on the spot.
​"The Chanukah Seder" is an original, musical, Seder-formatted Chanukah program that weaves together historical aspects of the Chanukah story with a traditional candle lighting and holiday foods and songs.  Original and parody songs based on popular Broadway melodies help tell the story of the Maccabean revolt against Seleucid King Antiochus IV, exploring contemporary issues of Hellenization, Temple life, and the survival of the Jewish people.

Click below for an interview about "The Chanukah Seder"

WAMU's "Intersection"Public Radio, Fall 2006

Click below for a profile of the program in the Washington Post:

​“David has a gift for the written word and a singular sense of humor.”
-- Ian Nathaniel Cohen, participant
Chanukah Seder Anchor 1
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