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Kikayon Productions loves improv. 

No two kids are the same.  And no matter how much a teacher or facilitator plans, it's the mix of students that determines how the day goes.  So how does a programmer stay on their feet, keeping students focused while still maintaining goals and objectives?
Improv and drama games represent a sure-fire method of keeping kids and participants energized and active while still absorbing the Torah stories, Jewish history, or other narrative-based lesson material.  We will come to you to demonstrate for your group or students different games and exercises for boosting Jewish identity and education.  Our methods include games that:
  • introduce new stories;
  • allow exploration and deeper understand of stories;
  • help review materials and test for retention;
  • explore various facets of social conflicts and ethics;
  • build greater understanding among diverse audiences.
Contact us today to schedule a presentation.

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Improv in the Classroom.

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