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Kikayon Productions will write your Purim shpiel musical.

We love musicals.  We love being Jewish.  And we cannot stop writing parody songs.  In fact, you pick the topic, theme, even the current events you'd like to include in your shpiel, and we'll write you an original musical complete with parody songs!
And as for the songs, you can choose whichever you'd like us to parody, and we'll rewrite the lyrics to fit the show.  Or you can just choose a genre of songs, or a decade, or anything you want to throw at us for inspiration.  Just let us know how long the show should be and we'll write it your way.
And we can come to you!  That's right, we will come to you, teach the songs, direct the show, run a dress rehearsal, and accompany the whole shpiel on piano.  More than that, we can take your video of the show and create a DVD keepsake that you can copy and sell to raise money for the synagogue!  What better way to celebrate Purim than with a benefit for the shul.
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Click HERE to download a sample

from one of our many Purim Shpiels.

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