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Make Torah stories fun with "Torah Time Live!"


Your Junior Cong will run itself with our Kikayon Siddur!


Fill Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur with meaning for teens.


Let the kids lead the Seder for a change.

"Torah Time Live!" parashah plays are for:


As a synagogue in the modern era, competition for membership can be as fierce as the community is diverse.  Blended families, young professionals, recent grads and recent transplants often seek new and innovative programming that sets their new shul apart from the rest.  Whether being performed by kids as the core of a Junior Congregation service or as appropriate entertainment at a YP social, the “Torah Time Live!” parashah plays are fun yet respectful and always educational.
Parashah Plays

The Kikayon Shabbat Siddur is for:


Whether you have a professional or a lay leader running your Junior Congregation, one of your main objectives is increasing participation among the kids.  Wouldn’t it be great to have a Shabbat prayer book that allows them to lead the service?  There’s no better way for them not only to learn about the service but gain a greater respect for synagogue life than to have them lead the service themselves!  Plus, if they get to lead, they’ll want to come back and participate, week after week.
The Kikayon Siddur is designed as a Junior Congregation prayer book that guides the kids through the service, teaching them how to take the lead along the way.  Of course it’s fun and educational, with bits on how to carry the Torah, how to prepare a d’var Torah, and even some musical activities to complement some t’fillot.  And by teaching the older students to run a service, they in turn get trained as mentors for the younger grades, handing off this legacy to the next generation.
Coming 2017!
The Kikayon Siddur

The Kikayon Shabbat Machzor is for:


The Kikayon Machzor isn’t just an enhanced version of our Siddur.  It’s the definitive age-appropriate High Holiday prayer book for upper grade level kids approaching and just beyond their b’nai mitzvah.  Yes, it teaches the prayers while training students to run their own service. 
But it also provides traditional insights into the Jewish New Year, providing valuable opportunities for discussion, in or around the service itself.  With creative approaches to prayer, clear translations, and instructions on program facilitation, the Kikayon Machzor has everything you need to get Jewish teens involved in the service and trained in the invaluable skills needed to run it for their peers.
Coming Summer 2017
The Kikayon Machzor

The Kikayon Haggadah is for:


More and more synagogues are creating community Passover sedarim.  But once they have a roomful of folks from all sorts of Jewish backgrounds, traditions, and customs, it’s easy to lose focus on the most significant goal of the Pesach seder:  the children.  We need to find ways to make the seder feel fresh and relevant each year while making the kids feel connected to the Passover tradition and the story of the Exodus.
With a mix of traditional text, fun skits, and parody songs, the Kikayon Haggadah and Leader’s Guide does more than just update old-fashioned haggadot.  Just like our Siddur and Machzor, our Haggadah uses creative and open activities to teach preteens and post-b’nai mitzvah kids how to lead their own seder.  There’s no better way to include kids in the seder than to have them construct it themselves and facilitate it, in whole or in part.  And with options on parody songs to keep it fun and light, the Kikayon Haggadah provides an educational yet entertaining event for your shul to begin the Passover season.
Coming in 2018
The Kikayon Haggadah
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