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Torah Time Live: Parashat Mikeitz

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Synopsis: In this play, Joseph tries to help Pharaoh get some sleep and moves up the ranks. Mitzvah Man teaches the kids about Kedushah, the value of Holiness. And Joseph helps his brothers, or does he?

Our downloadable parashah plays are the ultimate tools for fun Torah learning! And by acting out the scenes themselves, kids learn and remember the stories for future learning. Whether in class, junior congregation, or just having fun at home, Torah Time Live! gets teens living and breathing their Jewish tradition.

Each play dramatizes parts of a weekly Torah portion in funny scenes written for grades 5 and up. Each play also includes a public service announcement [PSA] featuring the continuing adventures of Mitzvah Man who teaches a middah [ethical lesson] to Tzipi and Shlomo, a pair of misbehaving siblings.

No preparation needed! Just hand out the copies, cast the parts, and off you go!
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