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The "Torah Time Live!" High Holidays Package for Grades 4+ [includes RH 1 & 2 + YK]

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Three programs for Junior Congregations, Hebrew schools, and teen events focusing on the High Holidays! Included are teleplay-based programs for each day of Rosh Hashanah as well as one for Yom Kippur, each one as inclusive as our regular, weekly "Torah Time Live!" programs. Stories include the banishment of Hagar and Yishmael, the [near] sacrifice of Yitzchak, the quest for Azazel, and the full book of Yonah.

Perfect for a teen or lay-led service, theese plays require little supervision and only a little prep in printing out the scripts and the character signs for kids to wear so they know who's who. Everything you need is in there: 91 pages total in a 1.3MB pdf, including a 4-page primer at the start, breaking down the features of the programs with helpful hints and suggestions on how to use them.

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