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Kikayon Productions:  Turnkey Solutions for Jewish Education

Welcome to Frontal Free, your home for creative approaches to Jewish learning for tweens and teens, in the school or at home. This blog strives to provide ideas and inspiration for Hebrew school teachers and parents in Jewish homes wherever they may be. Kikayon Productions is your home to “Jewish fun in a box”, turnkey solutions for Jewish education. If you need a full lesson on a certain holiday, tradition, topic, or Torah story, we will give you everything you need with little preparation. But first, here’s our simple truth.

Frontal teaching just doesn’t work with kids.

Remember when a teacher stood before the class and dumped their brain of knowledge while either begging the class to focus or throwing out distracted students? Not only did that method do little to impart the information, but the only lesson the students gathered was that Hebrew school is just no fun. And at the other extreme, folks thought that creativity meant getting kids each week to build Mt. Sinai/the Garden of Eden/Theodore Herzl’s beard out of macaroni and glue.

We’re changing that. Done. Changed. This is the home of Frontal Free lessons and advice.

Many Hebrew school teachers work only a few hours a week while maintaining other work on the outside. Some are authors, writers, tutors. Some are raising a family. And some, like me, are freelancers with a hodgepodge or self-regulated schedule, and Hebrew school teaching is a fun break from everything else. A lot of times, though, you look at the clock and realize it’s time to get to school…with barely time to prepare for the day.

If you’re a sub who suddenly has to appear before a random set of kids; if you’re a parent who wants to boost their child’s Jewish identity; if you’re a ritual leader looking for a fun but educational Jewish holiday event; c’mon in.

On the Frontal Free blog and throughout Kikayon, we strive to find and deliver to you interactive, experiential approaches to Jewish learning. We know how hard it can be to walk into a classroom or synagogue gathering and always have a clear path for what you’re trying to teach.

And as always, we welcome your comments and suggestions.

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